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By The Gay UK, Aug 20 2014 06:05PM

Picture the scene, Leslie Jordan dons some white gloves to search 'White Dee's' suitcase when...

by Newsdesk

Everything ends up ok | Channel 5
Everything ends up ok | Channel 5

James Jordan then mimes taking his trousers down, and says, ‘And assume the position.’ Hilariously campery, well done, we're impressed. However,

Gary Busey walks into this scene and says to James, ‘You are gay aren’t you?’

James and Gary Get Down To It | CBB | Channel 5
James and Gary Get Down To It | CBB | Channel 5

James tries to explain to Gary that he is not gay but has lots of gay friends and is comfortable enough in his sexuality to camp it up. Gary then asks James if he is not afraid ‘to get butt-f**ed’ and James replies, ‘I’ve never hit a seventy year old before.’

Gary then tells the group that James has a little Vaseline tube in every part of his luggage. James then loses his sense of fun about the situation and tells Gary to listen to him, not interrupt him and look at him when he’s talking.

James and Gary Gay Down to It | Channel 5
James and Gary Gay Down to It | Channel 5

James finally tells Gary that he ‘should be careful what you say, you might be seventy years old but be careful what you say.’

Ooo er

Watch Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5 Tonight at 10:00PM

By The Gay UK, Aug 20 2014 05:05PM

Pairings come in the unlikeliest places, but Deirdre Kelly and Kellie Maloney have become fast friends on the new series of Celebrity Big Brother.

by Newsdesk

Kellie On Celebrity Big Brother | Channel 5
Kellie On Celebrity Big Brother | Channel 5

It’s the first full day in the Celebrity Big Brother house and Kellie and Dee are bonding. Kellie asks Dee if being on TV has changed her life and Dee says yes, some good ways and some negative. Kellie responds that she can’t believe the reception she got coming into the Celebrity Big Brother house, she tells Dee that for most of her life she wanted to beat her gender issues.

Kellie who came out as Trans earlier in August | Channel 5
Kellie who came out as Trans earlier in August | Channel 5

Dee asks her if she feels like she has won. Kellie replies that she feels she has won and lost at the same time. Kellie adds, ‘Frank wasn’t a bad person.’ She also says that she has tried to make her children understand that she is always going to be their dad, just their dad in a frock.

Kellie And Dee Become Best Buds
Kellie And Dee Become Best Buds

In October 2013, Kellie, known then as Frank, made the decision to retire from boxing explaining that he had ‘fallen out of love’ with the sport. However, Kellie now cites her transition as the real reason. Kellie explained how she has felt trapped in the wrong body since she was a child. She is now a year into the transition period and is learning to live life as a woman - a life she kept a secret due to the macho world she lived in as a boxing promoter.

Twice-married and parent of three daughters, she wanted the transition to be private to protect her family and to build up the confidence to reveal her new identity. She planned to reveal her new life in a book once she had fully transitioned, however, she was exposed by a journalist and made the decision to go public with her transition

During the mayoral election in London, 2004, Maloney, ran as the UKIP candidate, was criticised for comments made against the LGBT community after it emerged that Maloney failed to campaign in Camden because there wer "too many gays".

Maloney tried to justify these remarks telling the BBC, 'I don't want to campaign around gays...I don't think they do a lot for society...what I have a problem with is them openly flaunting their sexuality.'

By The Gay UK, Aug 20 2014 01:49PM

Wondering why your energy costs keep rising and your bills are mounting, well a new report shows that households in the UK waste £227m a year on leaving appliances, like TVs on Standby.

by Newsdesk

Households across the UK are literally burning money as their energy bills soar. The latest research from reveals that leaving equipment, like computers, TVs and HiFis on standby when they're not being used, costs UK residents a whopping £227m a year.

Other findings show that One in six Brits (14%) don't turn off all the lights when they go out, while seven in ten (76%) households leave electrical items on standby, with over a third (38%) admitting they do all the time.

The average household leaves equipment on Standby for a combined total of 51 hours a day. Televisions, phone chargers and set top boxes are the devices most commonly left on standby.

Jules Greenidge, energy expert at, says, 'Although the average cost of leaving appliances on standby might not seem like a lot, these costs can quickly add up to a more substantial sum.

'With families struggling with the rising cost of living, simply remembering to turn off appliances at the mains when you've finished using them will avoid unnecessary standby expenses.'

The true costs of Standby... |
The true costs of Standby... |


Incredibly, over 3 million of us leave our lights on when we go out and 64% of us leave our appliances on Standby even when we've left the country on our holidays.

Rather stunningly the biggest cultprit of stealing juice whilst on Standby is your set-top box, which costs over £4 per year in Standby mood alone, followed by, your DVD player, which costs £3.15.

Greenidge continues, 'Consumers can also reduce spending by switching to the cheapest tariff for their needs. So, by switching off and switching tariff, consumers will see instant savings.'

By The Gay UK, Aug 20 2014 01:30PM

Age UK Camden (AUC), a Camden based charity, has received £75,000 over two years from the City of London Corporation’s charity, City Bridge Trust, to boost its Opening Doors London (ODL) project for Older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people.

by Newsdesk

Opening Doors
Opening Doors

As the largest Age UK group in London, AUC works with around 7,000 older people in Camden, improving their lives through a wide range of services including day centres, information and advice service, volunteering and counselling. The ODL project, which is the largest of its kind in the UK, was established to address the needs of the older LGBT community across the capital and ensure they have access to specialised support and advice for their later life planning.

It is estimated that there are as many as 150,000 LGBT people aged over 50 living in London, many of whom suffer from mental health problems, as a result of decades of discrimination and social exclusion. ODL supports almost 1,000 older LGBT Londoners, and this grant will be used to recruit two full time Development Coordinators to further develop vital services and strengthen referral networks.

Stacey Halls, Opening Doors London Project Manager at Age UK Camden, said, 'This substantial grant from the City Bridge Trust is incredibly important to us, as demand for the support and services offered through Opening Doors London (ODL) for older Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Londoners continues to increase significantly. In addition to lobbying and campaigning with, and for, older LGBT people to ensure that services can meet their needs, ODL also provides a wide range of services and activities which aim to reduce social isolation and help to improve the overall health and well-being of older people from LGBT communities.'

Jeremy Mayhew, Chairman of City Bridge Trust, said, 'Over the past three years, City Bridge Trust has been working with AUC on this ground-breaking ODL project to expand its reach from five central London boroughs to all the North London boroughs; it is now developing throughout the capital. We are delighted to continue our support for this crucial project for older LGBT people, which provides a lifeline for this community, enabling their voices are heard and their needs are met.'

City Bridge Trust is the grant-making arm of Bridge House Estates, whose sole trustee is the City of London Corporation. It addresses disadvantage by supporting London charities and providing grants totalling around £15 million annually.

By The Gay UK, Aug 20 2014 12:49PM

Every so often you just need to take stock and contemplate the finer things in life. Like guys with abs and tight buns. Those lucky biatches.

by Newsdesk

Anyways, Dapresa have released this rather cheeky video, recorded in Gran Canaria, Spain, for their new Swimwear Collection called, Cute Boy. Obvs.

Dapresa | YouTube
Dapresa | YouTube

The words are easy, it's Pimp Beach, over and over - but sounds like Pimp Bitch. Classic.

By The Gay UK, Aug 20 2014 10:27AM

The reigning queen of nightlife, DJ Jodie Harsh joins Krystal Klear, Kidnap Kid, TCTS and Jamie Bull who will be getting the party started and spinning tracks at this year’s Gaydio Dance Arena, part of Manchester Pride.

by Newsdesk

Jodie Harsh
Jodie Harsh

The Dance Arena, sponsored by Gaydio, The Beat of Gay UK, will return to the Big Weekend for the second time after proving a huge hit at last years event.

The arena will run from Friday 22 - Sunday 24 August, with a disco theme planned for the opening Friday night, commercial dance on Saturday and a house theme on Sunday’s closing evening.

The full line up also includes Junior J, Sarah Louise (Hed Kandi), Seamus Haji, Drop the Mustard (Ed Norris and Oli Hackett), Meat Free, Sian Bennett and Gaydio DJs.

Jodie Harsh, one of the UK’s most striking DJ’s, said, 'I’m so excited about playing at this year’s Pride. The Dance Arena has become legendary in clubbing circles and I can’t wait to get the crowd going. Manchester is known as the party city - don’t disappoint me, getting your dancing feet on.'

Mark Fletcher, chief executive of Manchester Pride, said, 'The Dance Arena is going to be jumping this year. We’ve secured the cream of the club scene - Jodie is so much fun and has played alongside Beth Ditto, Robyn and Swedish House Mafia, held major residencies and DJd at huge events for MTV, the BRIT Awards and Matthew Williamson.

'Home grown talent like Drop the Mustard, will also be playing having built up a reputation as the best house and techno night in the city, they’ve recently played storming sets at parties in Ibiza and Croatia and supported Disclosure earlier on this summer.

'Last year over 22,000 visitors flocked to the Gaydio Dance Arena over the Big Weekend, this year we’re encouraging people to get their tickets in advance and arrive early!.'

Manchester Pride is also running a competition judged by Seamus Haji, to find a budding DJ, who will be in with a chance of winning a 30 minute set in the Gaydio Dance Arena.

To enter, DJs must create a 20 minute mix and upload it to the Manchester Pride DJ Competition group on SoundCloud. For further information on how to enter, see:

Big Weekend tickets are currently priced at £22 for a weekend ticket, day tickets are also on sale and start at £12.50. Child's Day & Weekend tickets are now on sale too. A Big Weekend ticket provides guests with access to the event site, including the Main Arena, Sackville Gardens, the Dance Arena and Expo plus it helps Manchester Pride raise money for LGBT and HIV charities and organisations in Greater Manchester. See here for more information

By The Gay UK, Aug 20 2014 09:40AM

Bedtime Stories

Thursday 4th September, ACE Hotel Shoreditch

Naked Boys Reading
Naked Boys Reading

NAKED BOYS READING turns two this September and we’re kicking off our third year at the ACE HOTEL for a grand night of naked boys, reading and dancing. This round the boys will be choosing their favourite bed time stories to share with you, from the sweet to the erotic.

Our extra-long party will feature a bumper selection of readers old and new, NBR resident DJs The Duchess of Pork and Casio Jo plus your dream host Dr Sharon Husbands will don her skankiest nightie for you (sure to give you night terrors). Cum and cuddle up at our new venue while our boys tuck you in tight, then dance till late!

Singing you sweet lullabies will be our readers Bryan Levandowski, Chris Miller, Greg Mitchell, Ashley Ryder, Ernesto Sarezale, David Saxon, James Stanley Thomas and a special guest to be announced!

Naked Boys Reading is the perfect intimate live event: a themed literary salon featuring in-the-buff readings by local beefcakes, bears, twinks, otters, butch femmes, sissy sluts, boys next door with an exhibitionist streak and lovers of naturism with a well-endowed library.

Read our review of Naked Boys Reading

Naked Boys Reading: Bedtime Stories (2nd Birthday)

Thursday 4th September

8pm-3am (readings 8pm-11pm, afterparty 11pm-3am)

ACE Hotel Shoreditch, 110 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JQ

£7 on door

By The Gay UK, Aug 19 2014 07:26PM

On a warm summer evening, Doncaster Racecourse presented the closing concert of James Blunt's Moon Landing tour. Without the need for flashy pyrotechnics, elaborate sets or backing dancers James Blunt kept the crowd entertained for his 90 minute set with just his voice, his guitar and a four piece backing band.

By Paul Szabo

★ ★ ★ ★

Blunt rattled through some of his singles and a number of fan favourites from his four multi-million selling albums. He quite rightly concentrated on the more up-tempo songs with only a few of his slower songs nestled neatly between the upbeat numbers. Blunt casually chatted with the audience and encouraged them to join in with a number of the songs. The crowd absolutely relished in singing along to “You're Beautiful”, “Carry You Home” and his closing numbers “Bonfire Heart” and “1973”. But there were very few songs where the audience couldn't help singing along, mainly encouraged by Blunt, which led to the crowd feeling part of the experience as opposed to detached observers.

“High”, “Wisemen”, “Goodbye My Lover”, “Stay the Night”, “I'll Be Your Man”, “Satellites” and “Same Mistake” were amongst some of the songs performed over the course of the show. Blunt defied the media persona that has been created around him by coming across as charismatic, enthusiastic and as someone who clearly loved every minute of being on stage. His band was fairly note perfect and the mixture of sound between the vocals and the instruments was perfectly balanced, meaning each instrument could be easily heard. The stage and lighting were functional, with a simple presentation enhanced only by a few projected backdrops. But, to be fair, the show was more about music than spectacular presentation and the straight forward staging served to allow focus on the musicians and song writing, rather than being style over substance.

Photo: Paul Szabo
Photo: Paul Szabo

It is unfortunate that James Blunt is really a victim of his own success. Having the biggest selling album of the last decade, selling 20 million singles and 17 million albums is no mean feat, but for some reason, the media and the public have seemed to taken a dislike to him. However that does not necessarily detract from the quality of his music, the surprisingly good live performer that he is and how much the huge crowd genuinely enjoyed the show.

James Blunt was the final concert in Doncaster Racecourses Music Live events, which has also seen the Kaiser Chiefs playing earlier this year. Having never been to a concert with a dress code before, the whole day was incredibly enjoyable with 7 flat races presented over the course of the afternoon followed by the concert. There was the opportunity of being able to enjoy dressing up for the occasion, mixing with the smartly dressed crowd and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of the day at the recently refurbished venue; even without any knowledge of horse racing or a desire to have a flutter.

Photo: Paul Szabo
Photo: Paul Szabo

James blunt is touring the UK later in the year and details can be found on his website at

Doncaster Racecourse hold a number of racing events throughout the year, the next one being on the 24th august to raise money for breast cancer charities. Details can be found at

By The Gay UK, Aug 19 2014 07:03PM

In February, President Museveni of Uganda signed into law one of the harshest anti-gay bills in the world. The “Kill the Gays” bill, as it was often called in the media, was overturned and became no longer valid this month because of a simple technicality: There were not enough members of parliament present when the bill was passed.

President Museveni has recently expressed a desire to reinstate a milder version of the controversial bill. While the draconian nature of the original alienated many of the Western countries that Uganda relies on for foreign aid and trade, the overturn was not based on a shift in the government’s beliefs. Regardless, many gay rights activists in Uganda are celebrating this as a step in the right direction.

Earlier this year, while the anti-gay law was still in place, Vocativ attended a secret gay wedding ceremony in Uganda. If the local police force had found out about the ceremony, everyone present, including our crew, could have potentially faced jail time. Although the marriage we attended isn’t legally recognized, the couple says it was an important symbolic ritual for them. Regardless, it was beautiful. See for yourself.

By The Gay UK, Aug 19 2014 04:47PM

Jeff and Kelly are trying are trying to do a balancing act juggling their freelance careers whilst bringing up their 2year old son Jude.

by Roger Walker-Dack | 19th August 2014

Happy Christmas | Paramount
Happy Christmas | Paramount

It's slightly off kilter right now as Jeff is managing to work on pre-production of his next movie, but Kelly has got writer's block since she completed her first book so has settled for full time homemaking for the time being. The couple are however quite happy and things are going along relatively smoothly until they get a holiday visit that shatters their peace and throws the household into disarray.

The visitor is Jeff's rather volatile sister Jenny who's just had a bad breakup from her latest boyfriend and she flies into town for some much needed TLC, in return for helping them out with some childcare. It is soon apparent that self-absorbed Jenny is incapable of looking after herself let alone a small helpless baby. On her first night she goes to a party with an old friend and gets so totally wasted and passes out that Jeff is forced to go collect her in the middle of the night.

The next time Jenny gets totally drunk is when she is babysitting young Jude at home and this time she almost manages to burn the whole house down. It then takes a lot of persuading on Jeff's part to convince his very sceptical wife to give her sister-in-law another chance. Kelly does eventually reluctantly agree and the two women very slowly start to bond. Jenny actually encourages her to her back to writing by telling her to set aside her planned second novel and instead write a sexually explicit trashy novel to make some fast ready money.

Suddenly Jenny has a purpose too and she looks less likely to self-destruct and even grabs herself a new beau and starts to date the family babysitter (and pot dealer) Kevin and surprisingly looks that she might live happily ever after all. Possibly.

This is the latest movie from prolific filmmaker Joe Swanberg who as usual directs, writes and stars in it too. I will confess that I am a fan as even when the plots are slight (as this one is) there is a cast of well-rounded characters whose inter-play with each other as they cope (and enjoy) their daily existence makes for fascinating viewing. Swanberg injects it all with his own tempered sense of humor, and in this instance is aided by the presence of Lena Dunham playing Carson, Jenny's best friend. But then he is always shrewdly casts his movies with what appear to be his mates Melanie Lynskey as Kelly, Anna Kendrick as Jenny and Mark Webber as Kevin.

I'm generally on the same page as Charles Laughton when it comes to children in movies, but even I could not helped but be seduced by scene stealing baby Jude played by Swanberg's own son.

After last year's Drinking Buddies this is probably Swanberg's second most accessible work to date and part of his continued evolving from a filmmaker once known as the king of mumblecore. Long may it continue.

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