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By The Gay UK, Jul 26 2014 08:35AM

Before Steven left the house, Emma interviewed Kimberly and asked her how she was feeling and she said: ‘This is the first day I actually thought I’m OK, I’m better.’ Emma talked to Kimberly about going straight to see Steven’s family after the got out of hospital.

by Newsdesk | 26th July 2014

Kimberly said: ‘It was amazing, they were really warm and welcoming.’ Emma again asked her about the pregnancy rumours and Kimberly said: ‘Can’t you see my twins?’ The chant of ‘two second Steven’ could be heard throughout.

Steven left to booing from the crowd but Kimberly was lovingly waiting for him as he walked through the eye.

Emma started the interview by asking Steven how it felt to be out of he house and he answered: ‘Really good, I’m happy to be out.’

Emma asked him about his reactions toe nominations and he responded by saying: ‘It’s really intense in there.’ He added: ‘You can’t not take it personally.’

Emma showed him the VT of Ashleigh nominating him, where she said that he talks too much and it’s all about Steven and that he asks questions but doesn’t listen to the answers.’ He said that he didn’t feel that was the reason given to him at the time.

Emma then asked him about Kimberly’s shock exit from the house and Steven said it was hard just having 30 seconds to say goodbye and that it was ‘very difficult.’ Steven added that he didn’t know if Kimberly was going to be there for his eviction but seeing her put a smile on his face.

He was asked how it felt to watch that back and he Steven said that his time in the house had been an ‘incredible journey.’

Emma moved on to sex in the house and the fact there were ten other people in the room and fifty cameras. Steven replied that it just felt comfortable and that they tried to be discreet. Emma described the sex as ‘full on missionary position.’

Emma asked him if he fell in love quite easily and he answered that he had only fallen in love once before. After being asked about his controlling streak, Steven said that they actually had very few disagreements and that most of the time they got on like a house on fire.

Emma then asked him if he trusted Kimberly and he answered: ‘100%, 150%.’

Finally Steven said that he stood by everything that had happened in the house. He watched his best bits before being re-united with Kimberly.

Join Emma on next Friday for the 10th Big Brother eviction.

By The Gay UK, Jul 25 2014 05:50PM

Yep yep yep... it's that time of the year again... The rowers are here and getting nekkid for you.

by Newsdesk | 25th July 2014

Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse

Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse
Warwick Rowers@laurenceghulse

The Warwick Rowers naked calendar has grown hugely in popularity every year since its launch in 2009. But the break-out success of the 2014 calendar still took everyone involved by surprise.

The famously clothes-resistant university athletes were featured on Good Morning, America and E! Entertainment News, raised nearly £100,000 for their sport and for charity, were named Cause-Related Calendar of the Year at the UK’s National Calendar Awards (where they also picked up the People’s Choice award), and were voted National Student Calendar of the Year by their student peers throughout the UK. Sport Allies, their charity initiative to challenge homophobia in and through sport, had its national launch in February and has already won the backing of top professional services firm Ernst & Young (EY).

Today sees the launch of the boys’ 2015 crowdfunder campaign, the third they have run. There are crowdfunder options for every pocket - from £10 for a digital download of the new calendar up to £400 for the opportunity to meet the boys in person at a live calendar shoot! Laurie (@LaurenceGHulse) , the 2014 calendar centerfold and one of the calendar organisers, explained the importance of crowdfunding to the project:

“We’re basically a fundraising project - the money that comes in goes straight out again. We’re not sitting on some vast pile of cash, so crowdfunding is an essential part of how we pay for production of the next year’s calendars, films and everything else. Every summer we come up with great deals and unique offers that make it possible for us to cover our costs and get the best value from our suppliers, so that as much of our revenue as possible can go where its needed. It also means our supporters get a great deal!”

The boys can now count quite a few celebrities among their supporters, including Stephen Fry, Sir Ian McKellen, Kylie Minogue, Boy Geroge, Gok Wan, Coronation Street’s Antony Cotton and Made in Chelsea’s Caggie Dunlop. And they were particularly thrilled to get a standing invitation to the Playboy Mansion from staunch US supporter Crystal Hefner, who bought the calendar as Christmas gifts for all her friends.

Laurie (@LaurenceGHulse) , who has been involved in the project for over a year now, commented:

“It’s been an amazing journey for all of us! In particular, though, I will never forget when we were featured on Good Morning, America last October. We’d only just launched our website and suddenly it was mobbed! It took us completely by surprise, and the site was down more than it was up, but we still managed to sell more calendars in 24 hours than we’d sold in the previous four years! It then took us about a month to catch up on posting all the orders.”

The boys aren’t leaving anything to chance this year. They have high-powered web servers to cope with spikes in traffic, a professional fulfillment centre that has been making sure everyone gets their orders safely and on time since December last year, and support from a whole range of professional mentors who are now working alongside the boys and photographer/producer Angus Malcolm (@Angus_Malcolm), who is enthusiastic about this year’s new content:

“Our calendar is for a good cause, but we have always worked to make sure it’s a good product, too. We aim to give our supporters value for money by exceeding expectations and pushing the envelope. So after the response to our 2014 calendar, we really wanted to up our game. And I think we have - I’m really excited about what we’ve come up with this year!”

With a new calendar format in development, a range of high quality clothing from a top sportswear designer who has worked for Nike, Adidas and Reebok, and their first Ultra HD (4k) film almost in the can, things are definitely looking good for 2015. Including the boys, who spent six months training for a photoshoot, which also called on the services of a helicopter, several litres of purple paint, and the fire brigade. Ryan, one of several handsome newcomers making their calendar debut this year, was really impressed:

“I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was a bit nervous at first. But Angus and the whole crew were incredibly professional. I’d no idea how much work went into doing something like this. I ended up spending two whole days with no clothes on, but everyone was so focused on doing their jobs that it didn’t bother me at all.”

As well as enabling the club to buy two much-needed new boats and make rowing accessible to more students than ever before, the 2014 calendar’s success has generated over £25,000 for Sport Allies. Members of the rowing club have been working with other students, including representatives of Warwick Pride, the university’s LGBT organisation for students, professionals from EY, and leading figures in the voluntary sector to roll Sport Allies out nationally, and to begin the process of creating an independent registered charity.

Working on the calendar project has brought the need for Sport Allies home to Laurie (@LaurenceGHulse):

“I’ve had the chance to meet people from the LGBT community that I might not otherwise have met. I’ve been able to hear about their experiences of being bullied, and struggling to come to terms with their sexuality. I hope that this is something our calendars and our films can help to address. Not just by funding our outreach work, but by making a statement. We don’t mind who enjoys the calendars and films. We have fun creating them and we want everyone to have fun looking at them. It’s all good!”

The Warwick Rowers 2015 crowdfunder campaign is live now at, and the 2015 calendar range will launch formally in October.

By The Gay UK, Jul 25 2014 05:20PM

Pagano makes his Ibiza debut at Matinee at Amnesia on August 23rd and plays the biggest gay festival in the world, Barcelona's Circuit Festival held August 6-18th

Newsdesk | 25th July 2014

New tracks My Pumpin Bassline signed to Umek's 1605 label and he is also mixing the CIRCUIT FESTIVAL CD, from the massive LBGT event of the same name, and which will be released worldwide, having topped the Album charts in Spain last summer.

A new original Pagano track has just been signed to UMEK's label 1605. Titled My Pumpin Bassline, this is the second track Pagano has signed to 1605 and the follow up to the big room tech house monster Everybody Hip Housin that UMEK loved so much he recently even opened his DJ set at the Orlando (USA) edition of EDC Festival ( Electric Daisy Carnival ).

Pagano's Remixes of Danny Tenaglia & Celeda's 90s US House classic anthem Music Is The Answer will finally be released at the end of July on its original label, Twisted America.

Pagano & Reza's Perception is out now on My Digital Enemy's Zulu label as part of their Zulu Ibiza 2014 compilation. This project has already been signed to the forthcoming Hed Kandi Ibiza compilation 2014.

For the second year in a row Pagano has selected and mixed one of the CD compilations for the biggest LGBT Festival in the world: Matinée's CIRCUIT FESTIVAL in Barcelona. Pagano's mix will include tracks and remixes from Mark Knight, Coyu, Filterheadz, Danny Tenaglia, Camilo Franco, Harry Romero, Manuel De La Mare and many others. Last year's Circuit Festival album, which was only released in Spain via Sony went to #6 in the iTunes Dance Album Top 100 and #39 in the official Spanish iTunes ALBUM sales chart.

This year's album will be distributed all over the world by Warner, and is due in August as a CD and Digital download

Pagano's forthcoming DJ gigs:

11.07. FUSE (Brussels)

19.07. GAY VILLAGE (Rome)

26.07. SUMMER RITES day-party (London)

26.07. BLOCHEADS night-party (London)

02.08. WRONG (London)

03.08. RAPIDO AFTER @ Hotel Arena (Amsterdam)

08.08. RAPIDO on tour @ Circuit Festival (Barcelona)

10.08. DEVOTION @ Circuit Festival (Barcelona)

14.08. MATINEE @ Circuit Festival (Barcelona)

16.08. MAIN PARTY @ Circuit Festival (Barcelona)

23.08. MATINEE @ AMNESIA (Ibiza)

24.08. EAST BLOC (London)

By The Gay UK, Jul 25 2014 02:52PM

Yes, yes we know it's only July... But look... Shiny new pictures of Tom Daley... Squeal.

by Newsdesk | 25th July 2015

Okay, okay, keep a grip on it.

Behold it's the brand new 2015 calendar of the talented Mr. Daley. Wet - check, Muscles, check, Underwear - check.

The calendar is due out in September, but you can pre-order it now... Just in case it goes out of stock...

By The Gay UK, Jul 25 2014 10:39AM

Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF and UVA rating. The British Skin Foundation recommend you opt for a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, as well as a UVA rating of four or five stars. Sunscreens that offer both UVA and UVB protection are sometimes called ‘broad spectrum’.

by Newsdesk | 25th July 2014

Make sure you apply sunscreen liberally 15 to 30 minutes before exposure and reapply every two hours, or more frequently if you are swimming or undertaking any strenuous activity that causes you to sweat.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen on those easy to miss spots too, such as your neck and the backs of your ears. If you are bald or thinning on top, and unable to wear a hat (which would offer the form of best protection), make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen there too.

Remember, sunscreen should be used as an addition, rather than instead of, protective clothing and shade!

glo therapeutics for the face is our must have suncreen product this summer - especially designed to use on the face, this SPF 50+ cream rubs in incredibly well and doesn't leave you with the casper ghost look. | From £27 |

Epionce Ultra Shield Lotion SPF 50+

High UVA and UVB protection. Broad-spectrum in the true sense of the term Super light and fast absorbing - no ghostly ‘sunscreen-masked’ faces and can be used under make-up. Packed with antioxidant, nourishing and non-inflammatory ingredients for additional skincare benefits | £40.50 |


Hawaiian Tropic is the smell of summer. The moment the bottle is opened you’re already in Hawaiian Paradise. Great price and absorbs beautifully into skin. | From £ 5.80 |

Sun cream is an absolute beach holiday and festival must have. Delph Sun Care range offers no-compromise sun protection at a fraction of the designer range cost – which means effective protection with leftover money for more fun. Delph Sun Care offers a comprehensive range of products from SPF 8 to 50. | From £6.29 | Independent Pharmacies

Arbonne’s Water-Resistant Sunscreen SPF 30 has a water resistant formula which includes a sunscreen that gives sunburn protection for 40 minutes even during water activity. | £33 | Available from

Sun Wrinkle Control Cream For Face by Clarins

Perfect for the Clarins lovers amongst us. Good coverage and doesn’t feel too greasy after application. | £19 | Clarins

JASON An all-mineral sun screen that is chemical and fragrance free, Mineral Based Natural Sunblock SPF 30 provides UVA and UVB protection and creates a natural barrier to protect skin against sun burn. It is also safer for use on babies over six months of age.Very thick to apply and will leave you white - but offers excellent protection | £13.99

By The Gay UK, Jul 25 2014 09:15AM

Its scorchio-o-o-o outside, and here are 5 very hot songs you need to listen too.

by George McPhail | 25th July 2014

LuvBug - Resonance ft. Talay Riley

So this is what Marvin from JLS has been upto since the split, and its fairly and surprisingly amazing, capturing the summer vibes and the UKs biggest music trend this year, I think this is going to be a very big hit! ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

But from iTunes | Buy From Amazon

Moko – Your Love

Serving up some Streetfighter Chun-Li goes rave realness, fabulously huge in every single way, and you can sing Cathy Dennis’ “Touch Me” in time with the music as well. A star is born, and THAT hair. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

But from iTunes | Buy From Amazon

Sigma feat. Paloma Faith - Changing

After delivering one of the biggest singles of this year, they are back with an even bigger follow up, With the super lovely Paloma on vocal duties, and those vocals are perfect for fully charged high octane summer rave-ups like this ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

But from iTunes | Buy From Amazon

Erasure - Elevation

People easily forget Erasure are one the biggest selling UK acts of all time, but they are back with a bit of a bang, enlisting Richard X on production, it’s a big old synth pop dance floor banger ★ ★ ★ ★

But from iTunes | Buy From Amazon

Bleachers – I Wanna Get Better

I have been getting all my lifes to their debut album this week, and this is their 1st single from it, a wonderful hazy summer queen-esque pop rock electronic romp of a song that will have won you over by the end of the chorus. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Buy From Amazon

What do you think of these songs? Leave your comments below.

By The Gay UK, Jul 25 2014 08:41AM

The death of veteran actress Dora Bryan has been announced this week at the grand old age of 91 years old.

by Roger Walker-Dack | 25th July 2014

This star of stage, screen and radio specialized in playing scatter-brained blondes and even though they were often small parts, she always managed to steal the scene.

Her long and varied career saw her working alongside some of the greats in British entertainment. She was on Hancock’s Half Hour on radio, co-starred in British classic movies such as ‘The Great St Trinians Train Robbery, and ‘Carry On Sergeant’ appeared in numerous TV shows including ‘The Last of The Summer Wine’ and ‘Victoria Wood’s Dinner Ladies’ and she starred in the West End in shows like ‘Hello Dolly’ and ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.

There was a serious side to her acting too and in 1962 she won a BAFTA Best Actress Award for her role in Tony Richardson’s gritty film ‘A Taste Of Honey’.

To gay men she was the complete epitome of camp and managed to be as outrageous as she could in all the great comic roles that came her way. None so more when towards the end of her career she played go to June Whitfield’ best friend in the Jennifer Saunders ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ a role, which earned her another BAFTA Best Actress Nomination.

This tiny woman was in her way, a legend, an Icon and a true star in the old-fashioned sense of the word. The world will be sadder place now that she has gone.

By The Gay UK, Jul 24 2014 05:36PM

PETER TATCHELL Has written how Scotland's First Minister has made LGBT History by making a strong commitment to gay rights.

by Newsdesk | 24th July 2014

'Alex Salmond’s statement of support for gay rights at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow is a first. The leader of no other host government at either the Commonwealth or Olympic Games has ever made such a positive pro-gay equality statement and backed it up with concrete visible support by flying the gay rainbow flag from government headquarters for the duration of the Games. This is a pioneering, trail-blazing statement by the leader of the host nation,' said Peter Tatchell, Director of the human rights lobby, the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

'I applaud Alex Salmond for making such a strong, affirmative commitment to the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people throughout the Commonwealth. For LGBTI communities in the 42 Commonwealth countries where homosexuality is still criminalised, this is a significant gesture of solidarity. It will comfort them and, I hope, discomfort their homophobic governments. It demonstrates the Scottish government’s commitment to a truly equal and inclusive Games,' added Mr Tatchell.

Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, made his statement to an audience of international media representatives in Glasgow for the Commonwealth Games. He said Scotland demonstrates its commitment to LGBTI rights through its words and actions.

Salmond was responding to a direct appeal made to him two days ago by Peter Tatchell:

Salmond told the media:

'Our sports minister opened Pride Glasgow today, which will have its message of equality and non-discrimination displayed, not just in the opening of one centre in Pride Glasgow, but the 70 events which are taking place as part of that initiative in Glasgow over the course of the Games.

'In St Andrew’s House we fly the rainbow flag, sometimes called the pride flag internationally, for the course of the games.

'So, we demonstrate our commitment and we provide an exemplar in terms of what we believe in.

'That’s what I think is the best way to state our commitment, it’s by what we do and how we act and what we display and what we advocate.'

Source: Scottish press and KaleidoScot LGBTI news website:

'It's great that the Scottish government is flying the rainbow flag from it's headquarters for the duration of the Games. This is a simple but important gesture and act of solidarity with the millions of LGBTI people who still suffer criminalisation, discrimination and mob violence in 80% of Commonwealth countries.

'Not even the London or UK governments managed to do this during the 2012 Olympics. Glasgow's gone one better than London. Bravo!' said Mr Tatchell.

By The Gay UK, Jul 24 2014 05:13PM

“They should be burned alive.”

by Robin Foreman-Quercus | 24th July 2014

In case you’ve been asleep for the last day or so, the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony took place last night. In amongst the usual song and dance of such an affair, something relatively insignificant happened: a person kissed someone.

This would usually go without comment, except for the fact it was two men; one of them being John Barrowman. I’m no massive fan of Barrowman’s attention-seeking antics, but even he does not deserve this delightful tweet from Twitter user @Looney_Ent: “This is disgusting, they should be burned alive. Commonwealth Games ceremony gay kiss #nohomo #nohomo #nohomo”

The Twitter community dove into action, reporting the offending tweet to Twitter and the Metropolitan Police. In the face of such backlash, and following warnings from the ever-delightful @FleetStreetFox, the homophobic tweet has been removed and replaced with a barbed apology.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach John Barrowman for comment.

By The Gay UK, Jul 24 2014 04:46PM

Judging by this naked picture of Jamie Dornan has been working on his Gluteal muscles...

by Newsdesk | 24th July 2014

So the 50 Shades Of Grey trailer was released earlier today, but what caught our eye was this little photo which the actor Jamie Dornan shared on his Instagram - showing off his best side.

Now we know it's a dark photo, but to be honest, we've got a good imagination - plus who cares he's naked in the picture that must mean he gets naked in the movie. Roll on 2015.

Earlier in the year Jamie complained that he didn't like his body saying that he was too skinny and he's 'awkward in a suit'. Judging by the picture we'd suggest the only suit he'd need is his Birthday suit.

Ok - we're going to take a cold shower now.

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